Equipment in the 1930s

Belfast Dramatic Control Panels, remembered by Les "LG" Smith.

The old DCP

During the 1930s most studio centres were equipped with six-channel Dramatic Control Units. Belfast's unit is seen above near the end of its life in May 1936.

Early in 1937 a new DC Unit was installed. This was of the latest design of ten or more channels with many additional facilities such as the sudden 'cut' of a channel output instead of a fade and a main control fader with associated programme meter on a panel at the rear of the unit. This fader could be operated by an engineer, as distinct from the producer. The Belfast desk required a great deal of work during final testing to clear interference from keys and relays.

The new DCP
The new DCP.

left to right:
JAG Mitchell, Bill Capon, "LG" Smith and Freddie Haines.

The engineer's main fader mentioned by LG can just be seen on the left of the picture below, right

Front panel

Covers off

View from above

Studio 5
Studio 5 Belfast, May 1936.