Broadcasting House in the 30s and 40s

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Photos of the Stronghold

Stronghold door
Mark Bennett took these photos of the interior of the Stronghold in 2006, shortly before the BBC finally vacated the BH Extensions and demolition began.

The Stronghold was entered through gas- and flame-proof doors, left, which led via steps and short passages, right, to the main central corridor, which can be seen on the previous page.

Stairway to nowhere
At the time of BH's 70th anniversary in 2002 the Stronghold was opened up to staff and visitors. The notice, left, describes the oft-mentioned "staircase to nowhere" which is seen in the photo right. At the bottom of the stairs was a small white painted space with no further doors...

Studio area
Studio area

Studio area
Studio area
The Stronghold housed four studios and cubicles which were used as store rooms in later years. Other areas in the complex were converted to echo rooms.

Demolition of the Stronghold
Moving on to 2007 and the demolition men are at work on the Stronghold, readying the site for a new BH extension. Looking west, with Duchess Street on the right.

Photo: Dick Oldman

24th June. The roof is off, rooms about half filled with rubble, work has started to remove the retaining wall. Parts of the Stronghold would resist destruction into 2008.

Photo: Roger Morgan