Goodbye Broadcasting House Extension

Mark Bennett took these photos of various areas in BHX in 2006, shortly before the BBC finally vacated the building.
Technical Areas

Apparatus room

A corner of the 1960s Control Room, known by this time as EOC - Engineering Operations Centre. And, right, Apparatus Room 2.


left: The main distribution frame.


right. Brought into operation on 17th July 1961 the Switching Centre was the focal point for vision circuits of the television network. Associated sound circuits were routed through the Control Room to SWC and then back via CR to the appropriate destinations.

The Boiler Room

Boiler Room
Boiler Room
Central heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water for the BH Extension were provided by four oil-fired boilers which together were capable of producing 35,000 lbs of steam per hour.

Boiler Room

Boiler Room

The Generators

The original installation was of three diesel generators providing a total output of 350kW. These would be used in the event of a failure of the public electricity supply. A fourth generator providing a further 150kW was added later. The aim was to restore power within 15 seconds to important areas such as studios, the Control Room and Switching Centre.


Right. The Portland Place Reception area with tape machines (and potted plants!) awaiting their fate...