The Demolition of the Broadcasting House Extensions

The first batch of photos are from Mike Jordan.

(right) 2nd April 2007. Duchess Street appears as the building is down to the second floor.

CR area
29th April. The control room area - about where the SB position once was.

SWC area 1st May. Look, no Switching Centre....
Duchess Street appears

From above 1st May. Looking down from old Broadcasting House 8th floor.

From BT Tower
Guy Saich's photo was taken on 2nd May 2007 from the 34th floor of the BT Tower. The 1932 BH can be seen towards the left of the picture with the new Egton Wing beside it.

Next, some photos from Dick Oldman taken on 2nd June 2007....

Stronghold area Attacking the Stronghold.

Gildea Street Looking down Gildea Street and across the BHX site to buildings in Portland Place.

Front of BH Prospero and Ariel still welcome visitors to the refurbished 1932 building...

From BH Looking down on the north-west corner of the demolition site - the junction of Duchess Street and Portland Place.

Corner The view from ground level of the corner seen above. The rear of BH on the right.

From Portland Place BH seen from across Portland Place.

And a couple of shots by Robin Cherry, taken on 12th August:

From Western House Taken from Western House, with Duchess Street to the right
From BH From the 7th floor of BH.
The Stronghold area.

From PP
Two more from Robin, taken late August. This one, from Portland Place, looks towards the still resisting Stronghold.

B6/7 area
Again from PP, with the back wall of BH on the right, the foreground in this shot would be approximately where studios B6 and B7 once stood.

Foundations started
These three shots were taken by Mike Stace in December 2007.

There's still some concrete from the Stronghold to be removed and construction of the foundations of the new building is under way.

Foundations started
Foundations started