Some Odds and Ends

Mike Chessher collects some dates from the early days of broadcasting. There are some photos of Savoy Hill.

Details of the programmes broadcast on November 2nd, 1936 to mark the start of the BBC's regular 'high definition' television service.

Barry Taylor looks at various versions of the BBC Coat of Arms, showing how it appeared in 1932, 1942 and 1969.

Two contasting documents containing instructions for operational and engineering staff regarding control of levels and dynamic range. The first dates from 1961 and the second from 1989. Also on the page is a document with advice for the use of sound effects in radio plays.

Barry Taylor remembers being in BH control room on the day that Radio Caroline began broadcasting. 11 months later Caroline had been joined by four more stations....

Ian D. Richardson describes a device developed in the late 1970s to improve the quality of broadcast contributions made via phone lines.

Some final pictures from inside BHX and views of the demolition in progress.