The Basement of Broadcasting House Extension
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Final Years of BH Extension: Project Baseband Studios in later years

The photos on this page were taken shortly before Broadcasting House Extension was closed. They show the start of the move towards digital recording equipment and changes to the acoustic treatment. The CID treatment in B12 produced an acoustic that was too lively, hence the addition of absorbing panels at the front of the cubicle.
Studio B12
B12 cubicle

B12 studio

Studio B13
B13 cubicle

B13 cubicle

B13 studio

Studio B14
B14 cubicle

B14 cubicle

B14 studio

Studio B15
As seen on the previous page, Project Baseband equipped both B15 and B16 with refurbished GP desks. By the time these photos were taken B15 had a further Neve 66, probably one previously used in a training area.

B15 cubicle

B15 studio

Studio B16
B16 saw the first installation of the DHD desk, using VCS (see next page) as the playout system. The wooden wedge with the blue panel in the centre of the desk is the OnAir Controller. The flat module to the right of the desk is the producer talkback unit.

B16 cubicle

B16 cubicle

B16 studio

The studio LS and headphone feeds were set within the desk configuration, so no switching was possible at the studio table causing a few teething problems.