Mixer 3B and Recording Channel H30
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More photos of 3B and H30

The two shots of 3B (of earlier dates than those on the previous pages) show a small extension had been added to the left of the original desk. To the left of that are Telephone Balance Units. Later a new extension was installed, as seen in the 1981 pictures. The main monitoring speaker at this time was a KEF perched on top of the TBU case.

The same hi-fi lover's horror of a speaker support as above!

Leo & Charlotte
Editing in H30

above: one of H30's trolley mounted Philips machines which preceeded the Telefunkens. A generously proportioned stop-clock was used for timing - no digital counters at this period!

left: Editing at a Telefunken in H30 is Charlotte Green, with Leo Krushelnycky watching.

Replacement H30

And finally, two glimpses of the replacement H30. It occupied space in a small extension on the back of BH. The old Leevers have been replaced by Studers but the Telefunken M15As are still in use for editing (and wonderful they were for the task!)

Replacement H30

(right) Looking in the opposite direction. The pressure of work requires a top man!