Mixer 3B and Recording Channel H30
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Recording Channel H30 in 1981 - Page 1

Home Traffic machines
Through the door from 3B into H30 - the place where material coming into Home and Foreign Traffic was recorded. It was also an editing channel. Here we see the six Leevers-Rich machines used by Home Traffic. A Telefunken M15A on the right was one of four editing machines in the area. There's another one beyond the storage unit on the left. H30 was divided into two 'bays' by a wall down the centre of the room for about two-thirds of its length. This can best be seen in the last photo on the second page of 3B photos. The wall is on the right in the above picture. A wide angle lens makes the area look very much larger than it actually was.

Jargon (used below)
ROT - a recording of a programme made at the time of transmission.

View to door
We've turned to our right after entering H30 and are looking towards the main door to the corridor. The four machines to the right were used for ROTs and for remote recording from local news studios. One was used, for example, to back-up all recordings made in 3B. Tapes ready for various news outlets were placed in the six compartment box by the door ready for collection.

Bay and storage unit
The bay provided a few dubbing amps and an equaliser. On the bench are a cassette player (of very dubious quality) a Uher (providing half-track dubbing) and a Ferrograph with a varispeed facility. A Presto disk channel originally stood here but not for long. The storage unit held a stock of NAB reels of tape; all the news studios drew on this supply for recording inserts. The drawers held spools and other supplies. The main store, though, was in a small room (or large cupboard) attached to studio 3A. By this time 3A was equipped as a standby newsroom. The storeroom formerly housed the apparatus cabinet for the studio.