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Manchester Control Room described by Tony Nuttall

1929 Control Room

The first photograph shows the Control Room as originally installed in 1929 and in use until 1955 when the "new" Control Room was installed.

The Control Room in 1935

This view of the Control Room dates from 1935.

Radio Switching Desk

Here we see R. B. Gell, control room engineer, at the main Radio Switching Desk in the new Control Room. Announcer Tom Naiseby can be seen in the Continuity studio.

Continuity Studio
TO's Desk

The Continuity Studio in 1955 (above) and the Technical Operator's position with Graham Elliot on duty in the early 1970s (right).

With the advent of TV distribution and contribution, north and south of Manchester, the Control Room took charge of all switching in both these areas. I can remember the TV "Nationwide" programme as always introducing a certain element of excitement into proceedings!

TV Switching and Monitoring

In this photograph from the early 1970s Peter Weedon is shown on duty with the Television Switching and Monitoring to the left and the Sound, both TV and Radio, to the right. Engineer John Taylor can to seen to the right, just in front of the TOM's desk.

The control Room was manned by three shifts split into early, late or day off.

My other memories include the old "H" Group transmitter still in the "attic" of BH in the early 1970s....the diesel generator in the basement which was tested every month .....and the lovely "smell" of the RP Library. On a recent visit to Radio Prague I was shown the FONOTEKA of Czech Radio. A translation was not needed. The smell of old tape boxes, shellac, dust mites, etc. said it all! I was back in old BH Manchester!