Local Radio

Local Radio Equipment by Robert Smith - Mark II desks

Mark II desk
The Phase II stations were to use the new Mk II equipment. These pictures show the desks at Radio Teesside. The Mk II was essentially the same as the Mk I but by then Pye had taken over the manufacture from CTH adding such novel features as McMurdo Red Range connectors on the rear of each channel module in place of the choc. block style connectors which had always been a maintenance nightmare for the Station Engineer and his assistant!

Mark II desk

Proper Ericsson PFL lever keys were used instead of a very cheap and nasty version which had been used on the Mk I. Voice-over limiter/compressors were added and the standard of build was of an altogether more permanent nature.

Ops Room Bay

Pictured at Radio Teesside in 1973:-
above left: Studio 1 desk.
above: Ops room desk.
left: Ops room bays.