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Type B Continuities - Page 3 - Early days of Radio 1

Con A announcers' desk

These photos show the changes made to the Type B continuities for Radio 1 use.

right: This is Con A. Two cart machines are mounted above the announcers control panel, the mic is now a D202 and a second one is provided for interviews.

announcers' desk

left: Also added were Gates turntables, and racks for carts. There's another cart machine to the left of the turntable.

Radio 1 cons

right: The relationship of the two R1 cons can be seen in this shot, taken from the studio of Con A, looking through the cubicle, then the cubicle of Con B with its studio beyond it.

Con B

left: A view of the TO's modified desk in Continuity B

Con A

right: Another view of Con A, at a later date.

Radio 2 sign
Chris Davies supplied this picture of one of the signs which indicated the network occupying each con. They were discarded for Type D. The holes were made large for easy removal from the screw heads (or hooks - Chris can't remember) so that if cons were changed the signs went with the network.