Type B Desks

The Type B Desk

A Type B at the end of its life
The colour picture shows the Type B in Studio 8A at the end of its life. I don't have many images of the non-mixer Type Bs in Broadcasting House. If you have some photos of them, especially the ones installed in the basement of the BH extension (B6-B8, B12-B16) please get in touch.

These four photos by Neil Harlan, taken c.1969 with an old folding camera, show one of the basement studios, probably B13 or B14.

Type B desk

Type B desk

The studios were equiped with four Philips tape machines.

Tape machines

For disc playback there were RP/2s and, in some cases, TD/7s. (see here)

Grams machines

To find out more about the technical aspects of the desk (or perhaps not!) click here and prepare to be educated. (external link)