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The Paris, Lower Regent Street

The entrance, date unknown
Narrator's studio
The narrator's studio, 1955
Engineer's cubicle
The recording channel, date unknown
The Paris was originally a small cinema, situated on the eastern side of Lower Regent Street just north of Charles II Street.

The entrance, with a commissionaireís desk, led to a broad carpeted staircase down to the Lower Ground Level corridor which gave access to the studio and a suite of rooms including a Narratorís Studio. The stage was on the same level, a few inches above the lowest level from where the auditorium sloped up towards the rear where the Control Cubicle (on the left) and Recording Channel (on right) were sited.

The stage had sets of curtains, including two pairs at each side enclosing small areas. The one at stage right was used to hide the Spot Effects SM during Variety (Light Ent.) shows, and was also used to some effect to screen Ringo Starr and his drumkit during a Beatles session in 1963, with a C12 hanging from the wheeled tripod microphone stand poking through the gap to pick up Ringoís questionably adequate singing.

In addition to the Beatles many other performers and groups were recorded here and the studio was regularly used for comedy programmes. In the late 60s and early 70s Radio One Club was broadcast from the studio. Listeners wrote in for a membership card which allowed them to join a queue and be admitted fifteen minutes before air time. Artists of the day did guest appearances and normally a live band was onstage as well.

The Paris was closed in 1995 when the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House (previously the Concert Hall) became available.

The Paris Cubicle
The Type A Desk in the cubicle with the stage beyond. Date unknown.

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