Memories: Chris Davies

Joining the Beeb by Chris Davies

On the left is the 1968 advert to which I replied. I was on an electronics course at the time and my course friend and I both replied to this ad and had consecutive appointments. The letter inviting me to attend a board is shown below.


At the interview, it didn't take long for the board to realise that I knew absolutely nothing about transmitters! I think my hobby of tape recording and acting as sound effects operator in the local amateur dramatics group must have prompted them to ask me if I would be interested in the operational side of radio broadcasting. Well this was what I really
wanted to do so I was absolutely delighted when I was offered the post of Technical Operator at BH London with a three month training course at Evesham.

My TO course was number 29 and we all had a whale of a time. One evening every week at the BBC club in Evesham there was a 'dance' and because local girls were lacking, there was an arrangement to 'ship in' girls from the Worcester Nurses' Home. Those TOs with transport used to collect and return the nurses and the BBC paid the petrol !!

I started at BH in late 1968 on the salary of £997 per annum and spent a very happy five years working in control room, continuities, and the B9 and 3B TO positions. I had a brief attachment up in the 'trails' suite making promos for Radio One and Two.