Broadcasting Parliament - Bridge Street
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Broadcasting Parliament - Bridge Street: Editorial Area

Editorial area - 1
On this page are some views of the editorial area, starting with the sight that greeted visitors as they entered the BBC complex. The four doors visible on the far side of the room are cubicle 2B, studio 2, cubicle 2A and cubicle 1B.

Editorial area - 2
Taken from somewhere in the area of 2B's door and showing the local radio desk. The distant doors on the left lead to studio 1 and cubicle 1A. On the right are some of the shelves housing the green labelled archive tapes. More shelving was provided in the lobbies leading to the studios.

Editorial area - 3
From outside studio 1 and looking back to the main entrance, which is slightly left of centre. The monitors around the walls are a mix of annunciators and normal tvs.

End of an era
The end of an era, April 1991. The editorial area has been cleared of equipment. The tape machines and other portable gear have gone from Intake and the studios. The BBC's broadcasting of Parliament has moved to its new home and soon No.1 Bridge Street itself will be no more.