Broadcasting Parliament - Bridge Street
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Broadcasting Parliament - Bridge Street: Other Technical Areas

Cubicle 2B
This is one of the smaller cubicles - 2B. 2A and 2B both worked for local radio during the afternoon, much of the clip dubbing being done in 2B while 2A mixed packages and sent material to line.

The boxes on the wall just beneath the small observation window carried the tape machine routing and source selection controls.

Studio 3
Before televising of Parliament began, this room contained a television camera linked to Television Centre. A reporter was expected to operate his own teleprompter and play in audio clips from cart machines hidden below desk level. Needless to say, few were willing to attempt this feat on national television. In the final years of Bridge Street and with increasing demand for radio facilities, the area was converted into a radio studio ('3') which could be operated, after suitable plugging, from the existing cubicles. The distant door is that of cubicle 1B and just this side of the rubbish bin is Intake.

At the other end of studio 3 was a door leading into the central technical area. In addition to housing the bays containing the line amps, jackfields, the receivers which fed the ring-mains, etc, this room was used as a workshop by the maintenance teams.